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Specialist Agricultural Supply Pty. Ltd
P.O. Box 290 Camperdown Vic. 3260 Australia.
Phone: 0419 372 732 Fax: 61 03 55931 803
Email: > sas@netcam.com.au <

Coordinated Soil, Plant & Animal Nutrition
For an annual fee or on a per consultation basis.

Now, More than Ever, You Need

Experienced &Professional Feeding Advice:
To increase soil fertility animal health & productivity

We Offer: On Farm Appraisal
We will conduct an on farm appraisal of your stock in regard to animal health and production.
Least Cost Ration Formulations
We can formulate sound nutritional least cost rations for you stock based on your current available feed stuffs.


Soil,   Water & Feed Testing
We will take representative samples of your soil types and have them analysed by an independent laboratory for a full 15-element assay.

Based on the soil assay and your $ budget, we will supply a full written recommendation in regard to the correct basic fertiliser elements you need to apply to bring your soil back into balance and maintain a sustainable agricultural enterprise.

For further information in regard to our service and availability of consultants:

0419 372 732
03 5593 1803
Email > sas@netcam.com.au <
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