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The illustration denotes Natures plan of regeneration and maintenance of every life form she has created.


The lower three strata, soil, microbes, and plants - provide the integrated performances that promote the basic food supply upon which all the otter succeeding strata of life depend as, predators or consumers.

We must comprehend that the activity of microbial life in soil, along with the process of photosynthesis in plants, is solely responsible for directly or indirectly supplying the worlds food supply. Eradicate this microbial life in the soil and you will have destroyed Nature's methods of farming and there will be no food for any of Nature's creations. Its vigorous maintenance provides   the crucial link for man's survival.

Let every consultant and every member approach his farming problems with knowledgeable observation of Nature's processes and serve them as a humble steward in full consonance with Nature's ageless law. Let no man approach it as a mechanic to repair, alter or convert any of Nature's compelling forces which operate in absolute accord with the Supreme Intelligence that directs them. Let no human intellect challenge or contend with this supreme governing intelligence, for in the end he will be found wanting and his fruits will be worthless.
The Brookside Farms Laborory (date unknown)

This statement is intended to pronounce and define the basic concept that we have adopted through Albrecht's philosophies and continued research concerning the growing and life-sustaining properties of the soil and dependant life.

Soil treatment and nutritional recommendations are made to fulfill the apparent needs of the soil then animal, rather than for spoon-feeding the crops with special analysis fertiliser or through a vested interest in selling a particular standardised   fertiliser or feed.